Tom Waits – Used Songs

Just to clarify this right now: This is NOT an album review!


But I must say, I have underestimated this album. Used Songs by Tom Waits is supposedly a compilation album. Compilation albums are usually quite…”pop-y” and with quite changing mood, and you can usually hear that the songs are not exactly from the same album. This is completely different. With the exception of “Ol’55”, these songs could all have been on one studio album. And it’s exactly what it sounds like as well! It sounds like one hell of a Tom Waits album!


My story with this album, is that I bought it a little less than a year ago, listened a bit to a couple of songs on it, and then left it to dust ever since. Until today. Today I finally started listening to it while doing something else. It was just perfect for the job, because I wanted something that was smooth instrumental wise, but not boring vocally. That is Tom Waits in a nutshell. Now, I must say, that I have only reached song number 9 as I write this, but still, so far, it sounds like an amazing studio album, not a collection of his best songs. Few artists actually manage to do this. His music sounds a lot like calm jazz. This album makes me want to hear more by Tom Waits, though I have doubts I will find a studio album that is quite as good as this collection. (And of course, I have heard “Rain Dogs”, and it is awesome, but not calm and cool and…this.)



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Back, if only for a while

I’ve left this site unedited for a month or two now. I’m sorry to have done so, but a lot of stuff’s been going on. I’ll try to update it more regularily and also try to make it more varied than originally thought. I’ll probably stop by every now and then and leave recommendations on the front page of songs, albums or/and artists/bands you just HAVE TO check out!

I’ll begin right now. You have GOT TO listen to Black Sabbath’s “Hand Of Doom”. It’s an awesome song. Long, yes, but oh so good!

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First review is out!

The first review has been released. It’s the last to be written, and it’s much shorter than all the other ones I’ve made so far, but at least it’s been posted. It was actually by The 69 Eyes from the 00’s and is the album “Blessed Be“!

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Okay, quick update on which pages ARE (at least quite) finished, but haven’t gotten any reviews yet (since I’m about half way on all the reviews I’ve so far made):

  • 50’s:
    – Elvis Presley
  • 60’s:
    -Bob Dylan
    Started on
    -Led Zeppelin
  • 00’s:
    -The White Stripes

All of them may be updated further more, but they at least have been begun and I think everyone but Led Zeppelin have a photo in the post.

Hope you’ll check some of it out! 🙂


(The image featured was just cool, and I think it’s Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and David Bowie, if you were curious)

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Fix, fix, fix

I’m still FAR from finished with the page, and probably never will be “finished” with it, but what I mean is, that I’m not really ready for anything QUITE yet, but I’ve started to brainstorm a bit and also publish some pages, so that you can kind of see some of the reviews that are going to come. I’m also trying to write something about each artist and band about them during the decade you’ve found them in.

Other than that, if you’re looking and it’s annoying the living crap out of you that I call The Beatles for “Beatles” instead, it’s because of the sorting, because it goes alphabetically, but I don’t think The Beatles should stand under T for The, but B for Beatles. What do you think?

As said earlier, I want your opinion on how the site should be like. I’m also going to insert ratings by stars, so it will be easy to find out how well I like an album. How many stars should it be? 5 or 6? And half stars possible or not?

In the words of mr. Marc Bolan: ROCK ON!

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Construction Time Again

I’m just posting here to apologize for the so far very poor quality on things, but the blog is far from ready yet, and I will let you all know when the design and everything is ready to just be filled up with my reviews.

I’m thinking of both posting the reviews as pages and as posts. That way, you can find reviews both by categories, decades AND artists! And possibly more. (Leave me a comment saying what more ways you’d like to find reviews.)

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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